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A note on Slave Collars

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:08 pm    Post subject: A note on Slave Collars  Reply with quote

This is not explained very well in most places, so I will do my best to explain it a little better here..

Slave collars are -Voluntary-. Always, and completely, they are taken by free will and are not to be forced.

I will give two explanations, both IC and OOC for this, and I will give the one exception.

IC -

When a slave or noble joins a city they are awarded a signet ring and their names are written into the city logs. For a slave, this means they are awarded the status as City Slave under the protection of the temple. This awards them sanctuary from unfair punishment, or overly violent activities at the hands of their nobles (Consider this the IC explanation for players having redlights)

Taking a collar breaks this sanctuary, releases a servant from the status of slave and leaves them owned. The sanctuary in itself, however, makes this choice voluntary (The city, after all, has no wish to lose all of its slaves over night. How would anything get washed, cleaned or sorted?)

As far as nobles go, this quite obviously is a voluntary choice as shown by the equal rights of the parties, hence making the choice free will.


There are two main logical reasons why Collars are not simply something to be thrown around

1) Nobody gets collared by someone they didn't really, really want to get collared by and regularly plays the character. It just causes disappointment, loss of play hours, and worst of all, a character pool of 20 characters if your characters regularly get collared by people you chose in the spur of the moment.

2) Two reflects quite closely to one, but is more from the view of the dominant... Collaring someone is fun. Lots of fun. It's exiting, and usually leads to a very satisfying RP afterwards... But please pick someone you want to have that RP with again, and again, as opposed to doing it once and then collaring someone else.. I understand that people move on and new people come along, but it's not fair to collar everyone you lay eyes on, not to them, not to the others you have collared, and not to the rest of the server as a whole. If you like them, you can guarantee someone else does as well.

I am sure there are others, and I'm sure they could be very well explained by submissives and dominants alike. If you want to know more, ask around, someone will help you understand what it means to collar, or be collared (From their own point of view at least).

Exceptions -

The IC rulings I have laid out would not apply to captured members of the other city.

If it's your IC wish to have a collar forced on you, and you've expressed that desire with your play partner and are more than happy to take the collar 'Forced' then there is no problem playing it out as forced.

Redlights overwrite everything. Collaring and collar removal included. If you want a collar removed, speak to a DM (Though preferably not until you have spoken to your master or Mistress) . If you don't want to be collared in the first place, tell the person. I'm sure they will understand, and if not, well that's why there's a collaring dialogue.

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